COVID-19 / Corona Virus: Health & Safety Is Our Priority

We are facing an uncertain time due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Our prayers are with the people and families across the globe who have been impacted by these events.
At this time, when we are dealing with an unprecedented health crisis, we want you to know that our commitment and responsibility towards you and our communities have grown stronger.

Let’s prepare together to deal with this pandemic.  Stay home, so we can together stop the spread of this virus.

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Instagram Like and Follow/Unfollow Limit in 2020

Why Instagram Uses Restrictions Such as Like Limit?

Think about it; there are over one billion active monthly users on Instagram. Also, these users upload more than 500 million stories on a single day. It already looks enough like a crowded community, now imagine everyone could do anything; unlimited likes, comments, follow/unfollow. It would turn the situation into chaos.

To protect its community, Instagram has established some rules regarding different activities on the platform. You can find them under the title of “Term of Use” on their website. But there are some unwritten rules that most people don’t know about. One of them is Instagram like limit.

Has it ever occurred to you that you might only allow to like a certain number of accounts per day? Or follow a certain amount of accounts? Well, the idea might seem a little ridiculous to you, but Instagram has its own reasons, and if you think about them, they quite make sense.

In this article, we’re going to update you about some of the latest restrictions that Instagram has imposed in order to run things smoothly on this popular platform. So, stay with us and read this article carefully to prevent facing any “Action Block” from Instagram.

instagram like limit

On the other hand, if every action were unlimited on Instagram, many business and individual users the opportunity to excessively promoting their account. That’s why Instagram has set some rules about these actions without actually announcing them.

How Instagram Crunch Numbers for Like and Follow/Unfollow Limit?

Unfortunately, there is no official statement about these limitations. For its own sake, Instagram won’t share this information with users. But that does not mean we are unable to estimate these figures.

instagram like limit

Using the trial run, we found the newest Instagram like and follow/unfollow limit. Yes, that means someone manually tried all these features and came out with some numbers. Bear in mind that these numbers are unofficial and based on personal experience.

What are the Main Factors in Determining Instagram Like Limit and other Restrictions?

When it comes to Instagram Like and Follow/Unfollow Limit in 2020, each user has its own limitation. This number depends on some factors; here are some of the most important ones:

Your Account’s Activity

The more you be active on Instagram, it allows you to do more activities on the platform. So, if you want to use more features on Instagram, you have to be more active on Instagram.

Age of Instagram Account

If your account is more than three months old, it is considered as an old account. When you use your account is getting older; naturally, your activity will be increased too. Do not expect that gain a tremendous number of followers or like tons of photos just on the first day.

Size: Number of Followers

Those who have a higher number of followers are allowed to do more activities on their Instagram. It shows your account is older, and your engagement rate is higher than other users.

Your Account’s Engagement

Instagram engagement is a vital metric to estimate the number of actions that you take on Instagram. Instagram engagement depends on many things, but it can be summarized in these factors: likes, comments, shares, and saves.

If you want to have a clearer picture of your Instagram engagement, it is a good idea to calculate this rate. You can simply calculate it using this formula:

Instagram Engagement Formula

There are more accurate formulas that you can find them reading How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram? The Complete Guide.

Instagram Like Limit and Other Limitations



In 2020, the highest number of photos that you can like on Instagram is 1000 per day. But as mentioned, it is not a constant number for different users. If you want to prevent Instagram from blocking your account, consider using 700 likes per day.


These two are considered as one action by Instagram. You can follow or unfollow up to 200 accounts per day. For new Instagram users, this figure might be around 150. Also, remember to keep things to look natural for Instagram, it is best to follow or unfollow ten accounts per hour. The good news is, there is no limit on the number of accounts that follow you. That’s how celebrities get so many followers only after a brief time of setting up their account.

To avoid spamming on Instagram, you should be moderate on following or unfollowing accounts at the beginning. Try to increase the numbers by week. For example:

  • 50 follow/unfollow per day on week 1
  • 100 follow/unfollow per day on week 2
  • 150 follow/unfollow per day on week 3


Conclusion on Instagram Like Limit

To keep your account safe of being suspended by Instagram, you need to know about the restrictions that Instagram put on accounts, such as like limit. This fact might slow down your activities, but in the long-term, it’s for the best. Also, using some tools, you can go beyond these types of limitations.

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3 Common Social Media Ad Mistakes

Social media is a very unique advertising platform. The concept of virality and personalization are two elements that make it much different than traditional methods. As someone who has managed social media marketing for personalities, brands, and companies of all sizes across a diverse range of industries, I’ve studied the medium from many different vantage points.

There are several things I commonly see other accounts doing that may severely limit the effectiveness of social media ads — some of which I may have done myself at one point and learned through trial and error not to do.

Now, if what you’re doing renders ideal results, keep at what works for you. If not, here are the three issues I come across most frequently:

1. Hashtags

The use of hashtags can be problematic even with organic posts, particularly when used in excess. Though if inserted strategically, hashtags are also a great way for your content to be discovered. When it comes to paid social media ads, however, you may want to consider avoiding this practice altogether for the following reasons:

Hashtags take people away from your content
You don’t want to pay for someone to click a hashtag and go somewhere else. You want them to engage with your link, profile, video, etc. Also, on Instagram, your hashtagged ad won’t show up in search results with the organic posts — which pretty much defeats the purpose. They’re not allowed in IG story promotions at all.

(Note: This looks to be trickling down to feed posts as well.)

I recently submitted an IG ad maybe three or four times, because it was going into the review phase and then defaulting back to a common post. I then realized I’d forgotten to remove the hashtag—did that, resubmitted the promotion, and it went through.

Unless it’s for branding purposes, i.e. #JustDoIt, hashtags may do your paid ads more harm than good.

Excessive hashtags decrease the readability of a message
This is how hashtag use can also negatively impact organic posts. You see people inserting hashtags after a line break at the end of a caption or in the comment section for a reason.

Would #you want to #sit and #read through a #long #post that #looks like #this one?

Probably not, unless it’s from an account that you really enjoy. Let’s face it, we’ll probably read whatever Will Smith posts, however, he posts it. But for the rest of us, we don’t want to turn people off before they’ve even given our content a chance.

Hashtags are ugly when littered throughout the body of a message. If you want people to actually read it, try to fight this urge unless it’s for satire or dramatic effect. i.e. #Leave #Me #Alone

In general, experts say that clean social media ad copy performs best. Get rid of hashtags. Even Twitter recommends using no more than two. Make it easy for people to engage with your content and they’re more likely to do so.

2. Broad Targeting

If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone. It sounds good to have your ad shown to 50 million people, but I’d rather have it shown to 50,000 people who will find it interesting. Quality over quantity.

Narrow your targeting to a more niche demographic. If you’re promoting a book, don’t target people interested in just “reading” or “Amazon.” First, Amazon sells so much more than books. That category is no longer indicative of a reading habit. Target people interested in “romance novels” or “motivational speaking,” whatever your genre or topic.

It’s a waste of money to show ads to people who won’t care about them.

3. Sales Pitches

No one enjoys being sold to. We do enjoy a good story and learning something new, however. We appreciate getting information. The best social media ads are those that don’t feel like ads.They add value to the community and the overall user experience.

Take an IG video ad that I came across from an emerging speaker:

Kyle’s trying to sell you a course with this video, but he doesn’t say, “here are all the reasons this course is great and you should buy it.” He says (paraphrased): “If you give me 60 seconds of your time I’m going to show you how I booked a 20-city speaking tour in only 10 days…”

Kyle nails this approach and adds value to the user in a few ways:

  • He shows respect for your time by asking for it.
  • He tells his story and explains how he accomplished staggering results.
  • He introduces a concept you may not have heard of before/teaches you something new.
  • Finally, Kyle offers to show you how to do what he did.

He does all of this in just 60 seconds! The ad is to the point, appealing, and doesn’t feel sleazy or selfish.

Don’t forget about the “social” in social media

This medium at its core is a place for conversation, storytelling, and sharing information. Most users are annoyed by the heavy influx of advertising. Promoted posts almost have to fall into one of the aforementioned categories to hold anyone’s attention.

There are many more potential social media ad blunders, but those are the three I witness most often. Those are also easy to fix. We may not have the resources to film elaborate videos or extend ad duration — but everyone can eliminate hashtags, research and develop a defined audience, and take a less self-serving approach to their messaging.

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NEWS: new Intelligent Marketing Services

In light of new market development and struggles from stage of lock down in almost everywhere. We have heard so much from many small, medium and large enterprise of their struggle to sell their products and get users attentions.

We have developed a brand new product to provide services to our customers. In coming days, we will provide more details on how it would work and pricing.

If you are one of the owner of shop or business that needs to do smart outreach and interact with your target customer. Please contact us for more detail.

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Trung bình mỗi ngày có 263 doanh nghiệp tạm ngừng hoạt động

Nếu bạn mới bắt đầu doanh nghiệp hay shop bán lẻ mới, làm sao mọi người biết đến bạn? Nếu bạn phải chi hành chục triệu để quãng cáo trên facebook, instagram và google, liệu nó có đem lại kết quả mong đợi cho bạn không? Liệu một số tiền nhiều như vậy có đem lại lượng khách hàng bạn mơ ước hay không? Hay là không ai biết đến bạn, hay có xem qua quãng cáo cũng sẽ quên trong vòng vài giây vì quá nhiều quãng cáo hay nhiều thứ xãy ra trong cuộc sống của người mua sắm. Có phải đó là lí do tại sao hàng ngàn hay chục ngàn doanh nghiệp phá sản hay ngừng hoạt động không?

Đăng kí với SHOPEPA, để mọi người kiếm bạn và dễ dàng tới shop bạn. Đăng kí 1 lần, ngàn người qua, chứ ko phải bị trôi đi như bạn quãng cáo trên các kênh MXH.


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A new journey for new year 2019

After watching this part of the program, our founder is really curious and touched by this situation that could be happening in Vietnam.  He wants to focus some of his time this year to gather data – a list of those that in need for help and hope to find some generous donors to help.

He hopes to make this program as transparent as possible by posting a database of:

  1. People that need help as a list
  2. List of donors, and how much have been donated – displaying the amount will be optional to the donor
  3. Costs or fees to operate if any
  4. All money will be going to the needy
  5. Everyone that work in this project will be volunteers and donated their time and effort, so no donation money will be spent on this
  6. We hope to raise awareness and help as much people as possible around Vietnam
  7. Enforce strict rules on any spending that not go directly to the needy.  We will try to have 100 percent of donation money go directly to the needy, not anything else.

In the next few weeks to few months, we will be doing lot of thinking to come up with plans to help those in need and over comes many obstacles that we know about.  Here’s the list of to do that we could think of:

  1. Build a simple database
  2. Build a registration form for people to register as poor household
  3. Verification steps to make sure they are who they are
  4. Write policies and way to run this operation
  5. Build a team to go gather data offsite and verifying data
  6. Create bank account, to keep donation money
  7. Create a form to make it as easy as possible for people to donate
  8. Research of any obstacles we might have to deal with at local government agencies and obey the laws
  9. Determine how widespread of this issue or how many that in need and percentage in each city

Our program will help the needy based on their need.  It could be short term or long term depending on our assessment – which means, we could be sending them cash every month or just few temporary month to help with foods and/or medications.  It could be cash, foods, or medications or combination or those.  We will do our due diligence process, and this re-assessment process will happen every quarter to make sure they still need our help or they need additional assistance.

Our mobile application is free now, but at some points when we start making money on advertisements, we will donate 30 percent of our profit to this cause.

Please follow us and we will share more as we continue to improve our progress.

Lastly, we like to thank you for reading, and hope that you share this to other people or your social network to spread the news, so people could be aware and start registering, so we can start doing our verification process.

Thank you again and please help us share.




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Shopepa app notification

Quick, register and be listed on our app, and upload products and services to app listing. The only way to notify shoppers better and more effective than using social networks. It directly notify your followers right on their phone.

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Shop at branches

Do you often shop at a chain store that you like but don’t know where the branch is? Going back to google to find many unrelated results takes time. Every time I want to remember not to think? #Shopepa app is very convenient in finding branches and making shops very quickly. 📱 😘

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