A new journey for new year 2019

After watching this part of the program, our founder is really curious and touched by this situation that could be happening in Vietnam.  He wants to focus some of his time this year to gather data – a list of those that in need for help and hope to find some generous donors to help.

He hopes to make this program as transparent as possible by posting a database of:

  1. People that need help as a list
  2. List of donors, and how much have been donated – displaying the amount will be optional to the donor
  3. Costs or fees to operate if any
  4. All money will be going to the needy
  5. Everyone that work in this project will be volunteers and donated their time and effort, so no donation money will be spent on this
  6. We hope to raise awareness and help as much people as possible around Vietnam
  7. Enforce strict rules on any spending that not go directly to the needy.  We will try to have 100 percent of donation money go directly to the needy, not anything else.

In the next few weeks to few months, we will be doing lot of thinking to come up with plans to help those in need and over comes many obstacles that we know about.  Here’s the list of to do that we could think of:

  1. Build a simple database
  2. Build a registration form for people to register as poor household
  3. Verification steps to make sure they are who they are
  4. Write policies and way to run this operation
  5. Build a team to go gather data offsite and verifying data
  6. Create bank account, to keep donation money
  7. Create a form to make it as easy as possible for people to donate
  8. Research of any obstacles we might have to deal with at local government agencies and obey the laws
  9. Determine how widespread of this issue or how many that in need and percentage in each city

Our program will help the needy based on their need.  It could be short term or long term depending on our assessment – which means, we could be sending them cash every month or just few temporary month to help with foods and/or medications.  It could be cash, foods, or medications or combination or those.  We will do our due diligence process, and this re-assessment process will happen every quarter to make sure they still need our help or they need additional assistance.

Our mobile application is free now, but at some points when we start making money on advertisements, we will donate 30 percent of our profit to this cause.

Please follow us and we will share more as we continue to improve our progress.

Lastly, we like to thank you for reading, and hope that you share this to other people or your social network to spread the news, so people could be aware and start registering, so we can start doing our verification process.

Thank you again and please help us share.




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